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Dp-32sd 32-Track Digital Portastudio + Krk Rokit 5 G3 Studio Monitor Speaker Pair W/ Stands And Cables : Prosoundgear.Com

Dp-32sd 32-Track Digital Portastudio + Krk Rokit 5 G3 Studio Monitor Speaker Pair W/ Stands And Cables : Prosoundgear.Com

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Allowing You To Record Hands-On Without The Need For A Computer, The Dp-32sd 32-Track Digital Portastudio From Can Track Up To 8 Sources Simultaneously With Support For Up To 32 Tracks On Playback. It Features 8 Combo Xlr/Trs Mic Preamplifier Inputs, With The Eighth Input Also Supporting Hi-Z Sources Such As Guitar And Bass. For Hands-On Control Of Your Mix, The Unit Has 21 Total Faders (Including The Master), As Well As A Variety Of Eq, Compression, And Guitar-Based Effects For Tweaking Your Mix. The Unit Records Directly To Sd And Sdhc Cards. Additionally, You Can Export Your Tracks To An External Computer Via The Units Usb Port. A Power Supply, 2 Gb Sd Card, And A Usb Cable Are Included. 12 Mono/Stereo Selectable Faders The Recorder Has 12 Selectable Tracks Between Mono Or Stereo. Use A Stereo Track For Recording Synthesizer, Or Set The Track To Mono When Recording Guitar Or Vocal. Not Only That, You Can Create Independent Settings For Each Track (Set #9 To #12 Stereo, Then Set #13 To #22 Mono) 21 Faders Eliminates Layer Structuring The Device Features 21 Total Faders, One Of Which Is Assigned As The Master Fader 3.5′′ Color Lcd And Self-Illuminated Buttons The Dp-32sd Has A 3.5′′ Lcd Screen And Select Self-Illuminated Buttons, To View Your Entire Creative Process. Some Of The Illuminated Buttons Include Source, Select, Rec, Mute 12 Rotary Knobs The Dp-32sd Has Employed Rotary Knobs To Control Qualities Such As Eq, Effect Send And Other Related Features Records To Sd/Sdhc Media The Dp-32sd Uses Sd/Sdhc Media. These Cards Provide Secure Shock Resistance Due To The Absence Of Any Moving Parts. The File Format In The Dp-32sd Is Fat 16 Or 32. You Can Transfer The Recorded Files To Your Computer Via Usb 8 Xlr/Trs Inputs, 8 Channel Recording, The Dp-32sd Has 8 Xlr/Trs Combo Inputs. You Can Record Up To Eight Sources At One Time 3-Band Eq Input A-H And Each Track Are Equipped With 3-Band Eq. The Equalizer For Each Track And Each Input Are Independent From Other Effects. Record With Eq For Each Individual Track 8 Dynamic Effects, Guitar Effects, And Mix-Down Effects Use Up To 8 Dynamics Effects At Once, One For Each Input Source. For Example, Utilize The Built-In Compressor Effect For Your Bass, Guitar And Drum Tracks. In Addition, The Dp-32sd Has Multiple Guitar And Mixing Effects Built-In Digital Mastering The Unit Is Equipped With Mastering Effects For Finished-Sounding Mixes. There Is No Need For Computers When Recording And Mixing. The Mastering Effects Section Includes A Multi-Band Compressor, Eq, Noise-Shaping Dither, And A Normalize Effects. You Can Create A 2-Track Master File For Transfer To Your Computer And Delivering To Cd Mastering Or Sharing Online Headphone Amplifier The Headphone Amplifier Provides Ample Monitoring In Loud Environments Such As A Rehearsal Studios Or Live Performance Track Bounce Function Virtual Tracks (8 Virtual Tracks Per One Track) Locate Mark Up To 99 At One Song Chromatic Tuner

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