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Kuminik8 Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset Dual Ear 2 Pack Eu

Kuminik8 Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset Dual Ear 2 Pack Eu

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The Kuminik8 Headsets Provide Even More Comfort With Softer Padding And An Even More Flexible Wireframe Design. Many Of The Small Parts Can Be Replaced If You Experience Any Wear And Tear (Ear Padding, Head Pad, Foam Mic Cover, Etc) To Ensure Longevity Of Your New Kuminik8 Wireless Headsets. Communication Is Key! As Your Team Spreads Out Across A Venue To Cover Events, Sports, Concerts, It Is Important To Know Exactly What Everyone On Your Team Is Doing. These Wireless Headsets Allow For Full Duplex Communication Where Everyone On Your Team Can Have A Natural Conversation (Speaking Simultaneously). You Can Keep Your Hands On A Gimbal Or Fly Or A Drone, As These Hands-Free Communicators Work Without The Need For Push-To-Talk Buttons. No Wires Or Body Worn Packs Necessary. Just Power On The Headsets And Start Communicating! If Youre Working On A Project With Multiple Camera Angles, These Headsets Will Allow You To Stay In Clear Communication With All Of Your Camera Operators. The Double Ear Pads Are Perfect For Loud Venues Such As Music Concerts Or Sporting Events.

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